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“The dye takes a bit longer than most to mix up because it’s oil-based, but that’s also what makes it safe even on sensitive scalps. Not only does it give off ZERO odour (you know how most hair salons have that noxious ammonia scent, right?), it also won’t burn or irritate. My hair has been feeling silky-soft ever since—and from what I can tell beneath the highlights, the colour looks great.”                                  BEAUTY EDITOR

"Oil Delivery System (ODS) technology is used instead, and it’s a breakthrough because the oil base is what drives the colorant into the heart of the hair fibre. Less harsh than ammonia, it’ll help to maintain the hair’s natural level of lipids and essential amino acids (up to twice that of ammonia-based colourants), and the system is more comfortable to the scalp too. Tests have shown that after nine uses hair is as smooth as before coloration."           

 "Ammonia — used to open the hair fiber so that dye molecules can nestle in — is as delicate as a can opener. It also smells horrid and sets delicate scalps afire.........

Now, L’Oréal Professionnel is touting INOA, which stands for Innovation No Ammonia, as that game-changer, one on par, they say, with the advent of DVD’s or GPS."                                  New York Times